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Seal Tech Service 

leak testing 

Leak Testing  

Be Sure your Unit has No Leaks ! Our Certified Staff Will Pressure test Your Unit, keeping Your Unit Leak Free. Ask for it in your next weatherization.

How it works :

Wetnight RV uses a state of the art leak detection system Called  Seal Tech 

  • The Test Consist of Forcing Air Into Your RV, Pressurizing the cabin with the seal tech machine.

  • Our Seal Tech Team will then conduct a leak down test by Spraying a Water based Solution around Seals & Suspicious  Areas.

  • if a leak is found the  water based solution produces a bubble at the site of the leak.

  • The air is drawn in and then dispersed to create a positive interior pressure.

  • The resulting difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the RV causes air to escape outward through any holes Therefore it will produce bubbles.

  • Our seal tech team then Documents and Notify's the customer of leaks within their RV. We then Will further By Fixing and or re-sealing the areas that produced bubbles at the time of the test. 

Well Worth It  

By Maintaining  RV leaks through the Seal tech system, Wetnight RV can help you re-seal your roof and seals or wherever is leaking. We know you’ll sleep soundly during Wet Weather after testing your unit , with the knowledge that your investment is secure from water damage

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Our Seal Tech Team Will Treat You & Your RV With Care as we Check Your RV for Leaks. Prevent Your RV From Future Leaks Schedule your Seal Tech Test Today 

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